What is TMS?


TMS Plans


Individualized Treatment Plans

We provide an individualized, customized, completely unique treatment plan for every client.
No two clients are the same, even when they present with seemingly similar symptoms.
This is due to a multitude of variables, such as:

  1. Different life experiences
  2. Different medications and reactions to them
  3. Any history of substance abuse
  4. Stress – emotional, physical, environmental, etc.

All of the above, and more, affect each person’s brain differently.

The above holds true for physiological and neurological disorders, as well, from tinnitus to chronic pain, traumatic brain injury, cognitive decline, and others.

Therefore, every individual’s unique brain requires a customized approach to treatment.

Patients come to us having tried TMS, previously, but failing to obtain lasting healing. This is due, almost entirely, to a deficient and/or improper previous TMS treatment protocol (i.e. improper Hz level, frequency, chain length, etc.; improper stimulation location; deficient number of sessions).

We employ the following to ensure the greatest degree of success:

Scientific, measurable, data-driven approach to maximize the benefits of TMS treatment

We utilize only measurable scientific data (rather than subjective markers) to determine the efficacy of TMS treatment: