TMS for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


Disorder (OCD)


OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE DISORDER is a mental disorder characterized by the symptoms of unwanted, intrusive, and repeated thoughts, feelings, images, or sensations and engagement in behaviours, rituals, or mental acts (compulsions), which are a response to the obsessions. Normally, an OCD victim responds to the momentary effects of the obsessions. Failing to perform so causes great distresses. OCD varies in its severity and often profoundly limits one's ability to function normally at work, school, or home.

OCD is estimated to affect more than 2 million people in the US alone. OCD is frequently followed by other psychological health illnesses, such as nervousness, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. It usually demonstrates in infant, puberty, or early maturity.

TMS Treatment for OCD

This disorder prevents those who suffer from it from ordinary functionality in the household, at the office, and in relationships. It is imperative to obtain effective treatment for OCD to restore mental health and to treat the associated disorders that accompany it. TMS therapy has been confirmed to be a highly efficient and harmless treatment for OCD. Our San Diego Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation centre provides TMS therapy for the effective treatment of OCD.